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Do What You Love and You'll Never Work a Day..


  • Chemistry
  • Physics
    • Wireless
      • Ham Radio
    • Electronics
    • Electricity
      • High Voltage
        • Tesla Coils
        • Jacobs Ladders
    • Light
      • Lazers
    • Magnetism
  • Astronomy
    • Telescopes
  • Computers
    • Linux
    • Networking
    • Security
      • Firewalls
      • Hacking


  • Bombay & Goa tour in 9th Class
  • HCL: Visit to DRDO DEAL Lab, CBRI & IIT Roorkee, IIP
  • Rockman: Cacti, Nagios + SMS Server, using Expect to Arpping
  • Watching Eagles & Vultures fly in round paths
  • Listening Old songs on Old Tape Record(Pitaji) at Aman Nagar Home
  • Forwarding cassette to listen a particular song
  • Nanak de Samose
  • Kanjali da Vaisakhi Mela
  • Khyaali de Kulche
  • Tikki & Golgappe in front of Cinema
  • Oberoi de Bhatoore
  • Pankaj de Tikki, Samosa, Chat, Dosa, etc
  • Chicken Soup near Dhawan Doctor
  • Dinanath de kulche
  • Prakash bakery Kathi rolls
  • Buying Chemical & Electronics
  • Buying Chemistry Books
  • Making Lead Cast of a Goddess using Mould
  • Pitaji's German Transistor cover Magazine
  • Pitaji's Coins & Stamps
  • Geri on Bullet in Bazars
  • Going to Goindwal Sahib
  • Khwaspur Early Morning Visit
  • Going to Tuitions
  • Going to Jalandhar for IELTS, CCNA Coaching
  • Watching PTV: Neelam Ghar, Space fiction Movie
  • Making Anteena for Radio by hanging wire from Roof top
  • Doing Experiments in Garden & my Lab
  • Recording Cassette with own songs list
  • Blind story - DD Jalandar
  • Baang - chisel finger - DD Jalandar
  • Went for exam in Car thru Hoshairpur- Sugar cane fields, water, fog
  • Weekend Movies on Old Doordarshan including Regional.
  • Surfing Internet, movies in Cyber cafe near DAV College, Jalandhar
  • Watching Gyandarshan - Turum too, Monkey tree climb serials
  • Light House, Monkey - Movies


  • Yellow Stone National Park
  • Aurora Borealis - Norway
  • Manali, Shimla, Dal Lake


  • Home Made Toy Motor
  • Electrolysis of Water
  • Al + NaOH = Hydrogen >> Baloon
  • Electrolytic Cell (Cu+Zn)
  • Home made Speaker with Nail + Coil + Blade
  • Lazer based Audio Transmitter & Receiver
  • Electrical Bell using Solenoid
  • Transformer using Coil - Audio & Electrical
  • Telegraph Machine based on Morse code
  • Burning Magnessium Ribbon
  • Sodium + Water reaction


  • Working of Lift
  • Electricity generation using dynamo - Water & Cycle
  • Chemistry Toolkit
  • Archemedy's Wheel


  • 60,000v Generator
  • FM Transmitter & Receiver
  • 3 Floor Antenna for SW reception
  • DTMF based UGV car using FM Tx/Rx


  • Ubuntu
  • Endian Firewall Community Edition
  • Snort
  • GNS3
  • VirtualBox


  • 3 Idiots
  • Titanic
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Forrest Gump
  • Shawshank Redumption
  • The Persuit of Happyness
  • In the Heart of Sea
  • Schindler's List
  • The Pianist
  • Shutter Island
  • Life is Beautiful



  • Readers Digest
The Fire Came By
The Halifax Disaster
  • Science Reporter - Poison Sleuth - Article List:
Introduction - Jan 1997
Arsenic - Feb 1997
Boric acid
Methyl Bromide
Spanish Fly
red pepper 
Ratti Seeds 
Sodium Chlorate
Sodium Monofluoroacetate
Common salt
Argemone mexicana
Aluminium Phosphide
Arsine Gas
Potassium Permanganate
Sodium Nitrite
Oxalic Acid
Nitric Acid
Diesel Fumes
Vitamin A
Yellow Kaner
Hydrogen Peroxide
Ethylene Glycol
Potassium Bromate
Hydrogen Fluoride
Nitrous Oxide
Strophanthus - Feb 2001

List of DK Books

1000 Inventions and Discoveries
101 Essential Tips Sewing
15 Minute Gentle Yoga
15 Minute Home Workout
24 Hours Rain Forest
30 Minute Supper
3D Printing Projects
A Greener Christmas
Alexander the Great
A New Social Atlas of Britain
Animal Hide and Seek
Animal Life
Animals Alive
Animals Around the World
Animals at Home
Animal The Definitive Visual Guide
An Introduction to Acrylics
An Introduction to Drawing
An Introduction to Pastels
Annotated Guides Art Explained
Arm Knitting
Art Deco
Artist's Drawing Techniques
Artist's Painting Techniques
Art That Changed the World
A Short History of Seafaring
Ask Me Everything
Atlas of Ancient World
Atlas - What's Where on Earth
Backyard Harvest
Ballet The Definitive Illustrated Story
Bamboos and Grasses
Battle at Sea 3000 Years of Naval Warfare
Battle - A Visual Journey through 5,000 Years of Combat
Be More Japan The Art of Japanese Living
Best shots
Bicycle Repair Manual
Big History
Big Questions
Biography Thomas Edison
Birds of North America
Birds of North America Eastren Region
Birds of the World
BMA Concise Guide to Medicine & Drugs
Botany for the Artist
Brain Training
Bug Zoo
Butterflies and Moths
Cake Decorating
Castle Under Attack
Character Encyclopedia
Children's Book of Art
Children's Book of Philosophy
Children's Illustrated Animal Atlas
Children's Illustrated Atlas of History
Children's Illustrated Dictionary
Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia
Children's World Atlas
Classic Car
Classic Knits
Coding Games in Scratch
Coding Projects in Python
Coffee Obsession
Companions Architecture
Companions Astrology
Companions Beer
Companions Classical Music
Companions Film
Companions French Wine
Companions Gardens of Britain and Ireland
Companions Herbal Remedie
Companions Mythology
Companions Opera
Companions Philosophy
Companions Religions
Companions Sailing
Companions Scuba Diving
Companions Trees
Companions Whisky
Companions Wines of the World
Companions World History
Complete Atlas
Complete Birds of Britain and Europe
Complete Cat Care
Complete Family Health Guide
Complete Family Nutrition
Complete Horse Care Manual
Computer Coding for Kids
Cooking Season by Season
Cook Step by Step
Cool Cars
Cool Tech
Costume Jewelry
Creating a Successful CV
Crime Scene Detective
Cross-Sections Trains
Curry Cuisine
Dangerous Dinosaurs Q&A
Diabetes Cookbook
Digital Photography Complete Course
Digital Photography Essentials
Dinosaur Atlas
Dinosaurs A Visual Encyclopedia
DIY Quick Fix
DK Findout! Earth
DK Reader L3 Welcome to China
Doctor Who The Visual Dictionary
Do Not Open
Drawing Workshop II
Earth Matters
Eat Better Live Longer
e Encyclopedia
e Encyclopedia Science
E.Guides Plant
Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine
Encyclopedia of Homeopathy
Encyclopedia of Landscape Design
Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers
Encyclopedia of Space
Energy Bites
English for Everyone English Grammar Guide
Essential Strength Training Skills
Everyday Easy One-pot
Everyday Sports Injuries
Everything on Earth
Experience Dinosaur
Explanatorium of Nature
Extraordinary Automobiles
Eyewitness Africa
Eyewitness American Revolution
Eyewitness Amphibian
Eyewitness Ancient China
Eyewitness Ancient Civilizations
Eyewitness Ancient Egypt
Eyewitness Ancient Greece
Eyewitness Ancient Iraq
Eyewitness Ancient Rome
Eyewitness Arctic and Antarctic
Eyewitness Arms & Armour
Eyewitness Astronomy
Eyewitness Aztec, Inca and Maya
Eyewitness Baseball
Eyewitness Bird
Eyewitness Bird Expert Files
Eyewitness Boat
Eyewitness Buddhism
Eyewitness Building
Eyewitness Butterfly & Moth
Eyewitness Car
Eyewitness Castle
Eyewitness Cat
Eyewitness Chemistry
Eyewitness Christianity
Eyewitness City
Eyewitness Civil War
Eyewitness Climate Change
Eyewitness Computer
Eyewitness Cowboy
Eyewitness Crime & Detection
Eyewitness Crystal & Gem
Eyewitness Dance
Eyewitness Da Vinci & His Times
Eyewitness Desert
Eyewitness Dinosaur
Eyewitness Dog
Eyewitness Eagle & Birds of Prey
Eyewitness Early Humans
Eyewitness Ecology
Eyewitness Electricity
Eyewitness Elephant
Eyewitness Endangered Animals
Eyewitness Energy
Eyewitness Epidemic
Eyewitness Everest
Eyewitness Evolution
Eyewitness Expert Ancient Egypt
Eyewitness Expert Bird
Eyewitness Expert Dinosaur
Eyewitness Explorer
Eyewitness Farm
Eyewitness Flag
Eyewitness Flight
Eyewitness Food
Eyewitness Forensic Science
Eyewitness Fossil
Eyewitness Future
Eyewitness Gorilla, Monkey & Ape
Eyewitness Goya
Eyewitness Great Musicians
Eyewitness Great Scientists
Eyewitness Horse
Eyewitness Human Body
Eyewitness Hurricane & Tornado
Eyewitness Impressionism
Eyewitness India
Eyewitness Insect
Eyewitness Invention
Eyewitness Islam
Eyewitness Judaism
Eyewitness Jungle
Eyewitness Knight
Eyewitness Light
Eyewitness Mammal
Eyewitness Mars
Eyewitness Matter
Eyewitness Media & Communication
Eyewitness Medicine
Eyewitness Medieval Life
Eyewitness Mesopotamia
Eyewitness Modern China
Eyewitness Money
Eyewitness Mummy
Eyewitness Music
Eyewitness Mythology
Eyewitness Natural Disasters
Eyewitness North American Indian
Eyewitness Ocean
Eyewitness Oil
Eyewitness Olympics
Eyewitness Photography
Eyewitness Pirate
Eyewitness Pond & River
Eyewitness Predator
Eyewitness Pyramid
Eyewitness Religion
Eyewitness Reptile
Eyewitness Rescue
Eyewitness Robot
Eyewitness Rock & Mineral
Eyewitness Russia
Eyewitness Seashore
Eyewitness Shakespeare
Eyewitness Shark
Eyewitness Shipwreck
Eyewitness Skeleton
Eyewitness Soccer
Eyewitness Soldier
Eyewitness Space Exploration
Eyewitness Spy
Eyewitness Submarine
Eyewitness Technology
Eyewitness The Amazon
Eyewitness Titanic
Eyewitness Train
Eyewitness Transport
Eyewitness Travel India
Eyewitness Tree
Eyewitness Universe
Eyewitness Vietnam War
Eyewitness Viking
Eyewitness Volcano & Earthquake
Eyewitness Vote
Eyewitness Water
Eyewitness Weather
Eyewitness Wild West
Eyewitness Workbooks Earth
Eyewitness Workbooks Stars & Planets
Eyewitness World War I
Eyewitness World War II
Eyewonder Arctic and Antarctic
Eyewonder Big Cats
Eyewonder Bugs
Eyewonder Castle & Knight
Eyewonder Desert
Eyewonder Dinosaur
Eyewonder Earth
Eyewonder Explorer
Eyewonder Forest
Eyewonder Horse
Eyewonder Human Body
Eyewonder Invention
Eyewonder Ocean
Eyewonder Pirate
Eyewonder Plant
Eyewonder Pyramid
Eyewonder Rain Forest
Eyewonder Reptiles
Eyewonder Rocks and Minerals
Eyewonder Space
Eyewonder Viking
Eyewonder Volcano
Eyewonder Weather
Eyewonder Whales and Dolphins
Family Gardens
Financial Times World Desk Reference
First Aid Manual
First Animal Encyclopedia
First Children's Encyclopedia
First Science Encyclopedia
First Space Encyclopedia
Flight 100 Years of Aviation
Flight- The Complete History of Aviation
Free At Last
Frogs and Other Slippery Creatures
From Edison To Ipod
Fruit and Vegetables in Pots
Great Buildings
Great City Maps
Great Fruit & Vegetable Guide
Great Monuments of India
Great Paintings
Great Whiskeys
Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet
Grow Fruit
Grown In Britain Cookbook
Grow Organic
Grow Plants in Pots
Guide to Birds
Guide to Human Body
Guide to Public Speaking
Guide to Savage Earth
Guide to Weather
Gun A Visual History
Hand bags
Handbook of Knots
Handmade Interiors
Heads Up Psychology
Healing Foods
Help Your Kids With Computer Coding
Help Your Kids with Language Arts
Help Your Kids with Maths
History of Britain & Ireland
History of the World
History The Definitive Visual Guide
Home Brewing
Home Design & Decorating
Home Doctor
Home Emergency Guide
Home Herbal
Hot Bikes
How Cool Stuff Works
How Food Works
How Money Works
How Psychology Works
How the Body Works
How Things Work Encyclopedia
How to Be a Genius
How to Choose Wine
How to Grow Practically Everything
How To Play Chess
Human Body
Human Body Encyclopedia
Ideas That Changed the World
Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Birds
Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Universe
Illustrated Encyclopedia Of The Universe
Illustrated Family Encyclopedia Vol.1
Illustrated Family Encyclopedia Vol.2
Illustrated Kitchen Bible
Illustrated Medical Dictionary
Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking
Incredible Aeroplanes
Incredible Cross Sections
Incredible Insects Q&A
Incredible Vehicles
Journey An Illustrated History of Travel
Kids Fun and Healthy Cookbook
Kill or Cure An Illustrated History of Medicine
Knife Skills
Knives and Swords
Knowledge Encyclopedia
Life in the Wild
Little Brainwaves Investigate Human Body
Look I'm an Engineer
Look Inside Cross-Section Cars
Love The Psychology of Attraction
M-1 Abrams
Machines of War
Make It
Manage Your Time
Mary Berry Cookery Course
Master Chef at Home
Max your Memory
Medical Symptoms a Visual Guide
Millennium Family Encyclopedia
My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals
My First Book of Time
Myths & Legends Explained
My Zero-Waste Kitchen
Natural Beauty
Natural history  the ultimate visual guide to everything on Earth
Natural Wonders of the World
Nature Encyclopedia
Nature Guide Birds
Nature Guide Snakes and Other Reptiles and Amphibians
Nature's Deadliest Creatures Visual Encyclopedia
Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Foods
Night Sky Month By Month
Ocean Visual Guide
Oil Painting
One Million Things Ancient History
One Million Things Animal Life
One Million Things A Visual Encyclopedia
One Million Things Human Body
One Million Things Planet Earth
One Million Things Space
Organic Gardening
Paper Craft
Playful Puppies
Pocket Genius Ancient Rome
Pocket Genius Dogs
Pocket Genius Earth
Pocket Genius Human Body
Pocket Genius Inventions
Pocket Genius Science
Positive Thinking
Practical Naturalist
Princess Diana
Quantum Physics
Quentin Willson Great Car
Quilting Step by Step
Remarkable Books
Renault Formula 1 Motor Racing Book
Sailing Essentials
Science Encyclopedia
Science Year by Year
See for Yourself Water
See How Its Made
See How They Grow Butterfly
See How They Grow Chick
See How They Grow Duck
See How They Grow Fox
See How They Grow Frog
See How They Grow Kitten
See How They Grow Lamb
See How They Grow Mouse
See How They Grow Owl
See How They Grow Pengiun
See How They Grow Pig
See How They Grow Pony
See How They Grow Puppy
Sew Step by Step
Sharks and Other Sea Creatures
Signs & Symbols
Sister Wendy's American Masterpieces
Skate Boarding
Sketch Book for the Artist
Small Space Garden Ideas
Smithsonian Animals
Smithsonian Complete Flags of the World
Smithsonian Dinosaur!
Smithsonian Fashion
Smithsonian Firearms
Smithsonian Gem
Smithsonian Great Maps
Smithsonian History of the World in 1000 Objects
Smithsonian History Year by Year
Smithsonian Maker Lab
Smithsonian Military History
Smithsonian Modern History in Pictures
Smithsonian Rocks and Minerals
Smithsonian Science
Smithsonian Science year by year
Smithsonian Snakes and Other Reptiles and Amphibians
Smithsonian Super Bug Encyclopedia
Smithsonian Super Nature Encyclopedia
Smithsonian The American Revolution
Smithsonian The Civil War
Smithsonian The Planets
Smithsonian The Rock & Gem Book
Smithsonian Timelines of History
Smithsonian Timelines of Science
Smithsonian Violent Earth
Smithsonian World War I
Smoking Meat
Space A Visual Encyclopedia
Space Encyclopedia
Spaceflight Sputnik to Shuttle
Sports Book
Star Finder!
Star Wars
Star Wars Attack Of The Clones
Star Wars Episode 1
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Rots
Star Wars Trilogy
State-by-State Atlas
Step by Step Bread
Step-by-step Cakes
Strange But True
Strength Training
Stress the Psychology of Managing Pressure
Stuff to know when you start school
Superfood Breakfasts
Super Foods
Super Human Encyclopedia
Super Structures
Tank The Definitive Visual History of Armored Vehicles
The Animal Book
The Art of Calligraphy
The Art Of Digital Photography
The Astronomy Book
The Baby Book
The Beer Book
The Big Dinosaur Dig
The Big Idea Science Book
The Book of Photography
The Book of Weeds
The Business Book
The Careers Hand Book
The Cat Encyclopedia
The Children's Baking Book
The Christmas Book
The Classical Music Book
The Complete Cat Breed Book
The Complete Human Body
The Complete Photographer
The Complete Running & Marathon Book
The Conquest of the Ocean
The Cook's Book Of Ingredients
The Crime Book
The Dog Encyclopedia
The Economics Book
The Edible Mushroom Book
The Feminism Book
The Film Book
The Forgotten Arts and Crafts
The Great Atlas of Discovery
The History Book
The Holiday Activity Book
The Human Brain Book
The Illustrated Bible
The Illustrated Book of Signs & Symbols
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Warfare
The Illustrated Quick Cook
The Iron Road
The Literature Book
The Marvel Encyclopedia
The Meat CookBook
The Modern Baker
The Most Stupendous Atlas of the Whole Wide World
The Motor Bike Book
The Movie Book
The Mythology Book
The New Self-Sufficient Gardener
The Periodic Table Book
The Politics Book
The Practical Astronomer
The Presidents
The Psychology Book
The Religions Book
The Science Book
The Science Encyclopedia
The Shakespeare Book
The Sherlock Holmes Book
The Soccer Book
The Sociology Book
The Sports Book
The Stars
The Story of Choclate
The Story of Painting
The Story of Troy
The Survival Handbook
The Tea Book
The Toddler Cookbook
The Tractor Book
The Train Book
The Vietnam War- The Definitive Illustrated History
The Visual Dictionary of Everyday Things
The Visual Dictionary of Physics
The Visual Dictionary of the Human Body
Think of a Number
This Book Made Me Do It
Timelines of Everything
Top Dog
Top Secret
Travel Delhi, Agra & Jaipur
Travel Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Travel India
Travel Off the Tourist Trail
Travel The Road Less Travelled
Travel The World's Must-See Places
Travel Ultimate Food Journeys
Ultimate Aircraft
Ultimate Bicycle Book
Ultimate Spy
Ultimate Train
Ultimate Visual Dictionary
Ultimate Visual Dictionary of Science
Understand Selling
Vampire Book
Visual Encyclopedia
Visual Guide to Grammar and Punctuation
Voyage Ocean
Watercolor Color
Watercolour Still Life
Watercolour Workshop
Watercolour Workshop II
When on Earth
Where do babies come from
Where on Earth
Whiskey Opus
Why Pi How Math Applies to Everyday Life
Wild Flowers
Wildlife Of The World
Wine Encyclopedia
Women Our Story
Wonders of the Natural World
Wonders of the World
Woodwork Step by Step
Word Board Book
World Atlas Reference
World Cheese Book
World Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures
World War II
Writers on Artists
Zoom in Zoom Out

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Wanted Books

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