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Topic Status 2nd Round
DNS Done 50%
Glue records Done
DIG Done
nslookup Done
Traceroute Done
MTR Done
TCP/IP Done 100%
BGP Done
VPN Done
HTTP status codes Done


Topic Status 2nd Round
What is inode number Done
Sort links vs Hard link Done
Hosts file Done
Boot process Done
Proc filesystem Done
Check CPU, Memory and HDD Done
Iptables Done
Tcpdump Done
Check IP and DNS info in Linux Done
How do you add vlan in Linux NA
What are file permission Done
https://scoutapm.com/blog/slow_server_flow_chart Done


  • Linux top 100 Commands linoxide.com
  • Scripts - Case Alert, VS Top 10 list Study
  • VoIP Repro, WanEm Lab Study, Juniper NSM Repro Study


ulimit -a
lsof | wc -l
sysctl fs.file-max

TCP open connections:

lsof -i -n -P | less
lsof -i -n -P | wc -l