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Syslog levels in reverse order

Do I Notice When Evenings Come Around Early.

0 	Emergency
1 	Alert 
2 	Critical 
3 	Error 
4 	Warning 
5 	Notice 
6 	Informational
7 	Debug

BGP Route Selection


N	Next Hop Reachable 
W	Weight - Higher
L	Local_Pref - Higher
L	Locally Injected > eBGP/iBGP
A	AS_Path
O	Origin – iBGP> eBGP> ?
M	MED - Smaller
N	Neighbor Type – Prefer eBGP over iBGP
I	IGP Metric to next hop

OSPF States


D	Down
I	Init
T	Two-way
E	Exstart
E	Exchange
L	Loading
F	Full

DHCP Steps


D	Discover
O	Offer
R	Request
A	Acknowldgement

Phase 1 negotiates 5 things


H	Hashing
A	Authentication
G	Group(DH 1,2,5)
L	Lifetime
E	Encryption

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