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UAC Debugs[edit]

Enabling Debug:

root@KRD-SRX-FW1# edit services unified-access-control traceoptions 
root@KRD-SRX-FW1# set file UAC 
root@KRD-SRX-FW1# set flag all 
root@KRD-SRX-FW1# top 

Checking debug config:

root@KRD-SRX-FW1# show | compare 
[edit services unified-access-control]
+    traceoptions {
+        file UAC;
+        flag all;
+    }

Commiting and checking logs:

root@KRD-SRX-FW1# commit 
root@KRD-SRX-FW1# run show log UAC 

To check UAC config:

show services unified-access-control